Embedded Electronic solutions for Polymer Innovative Scanning Tools using Light Emitting devices for diagnostic Routines


The overall objective of El-Peacetolero is to design a  a hand-held, low power, embedded optoelectronic system that can deploy AI for in-situ real-time measurement, identification and diagnosis of the material state of aging polymers in an industrial environment, particularly in the nuclear sector at technology readiness level 7 (preindustrial protoype). By allowing for better scheduling of preventive maintenance, this innovation will limit safety issues related to polymer degradation and reduce the costs related to shutdowns.

El-Peacetolero is an innovation action funded under the Euratom/Horizon 2020 framework programme within the topic ‘Innovation for Generation II and III reactors’. The research will be carried out between September 2020 through August 2024 and is coordinated by Sorbonne Université (France).

Polymers in nuclear power plants

Monitoring of polymer aging is crucial to NPP safety.

Current monitoring techniques...

    • Are costly – inspection of a 200 meters of water pipes (non contaminated) amounts to 400k eur every 18 months – and time-consuming
    • Involve invasive and difficult sampling processes


will contribute to improve safety and efficiency through non-invasive, in-situ and real-time measurement, identification and diagnosis of the material state of aging polymers.


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Update: El-Peacetolero on a robot

Update: El-Peacetolero on a robot

Progress update: El-Peacetolero on a robot      The objective of this work package is to design, validate and demonstrate a pool of modular robots that are able to bring the Peacetolero sensor to a required position (e.g. interior surface of a pipe), which...

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Update: Compact measurement LED-based head

Update: Compact measurement LED-based head

Progress update: Compact measurement LED-based head   We have developed two concepts of miniature sensors based on LED-photodiode mid-IR optopair together with specific measuring algorithm that were used for determination of liquid composition by monolithic...

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