Progress update: El-Peacetolero on a robot 



The objective of this work package is to design, validate and demonstrate a pool of modular robots that are able to bring the Peacetolero sensor to a required position (e.g. interior surface of a pipe), which is potentially located in a radioactive area. The work-package includes the design of a supervisory telerobotic system to enable the expert user to perform the inspection of the pipe in a safe manner, at a distance. The system includes the multimodal user-interface, communications, localisation, embedded software, and robot design. The technology used to build the hardware of the robot has an objective to minimize its cost, while increasing the modularity and the simplicity of the system, especially when a reconfiguration of the robot is required in order to perform a specific mission.

In fact, during this first year tasks 7.1 (Simulation Server) and 7.2 (Multimodal Human-Robot Interface) have been fulfilled, which enabled the implementation of a prototype of the multimodal human-robot interface, interacting with a realistic simulation server of the robotic scenarios. Besides this, from months 13 to 18, an upgrade of the Minicernbot robotic mobile platform has been performed, in order to perform experiments related to localization and communications in radioactive and underwater environments, specially when using 3D perception and omnidirectional movements. Further steps will face the construction of the three robotic prototypes and the integration of the Peacetolero sensor.